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I am curious because I have joined a site that is paypal approved. It gives site profit sharing and has already paid me 41.5%* in site profit sharing on my advertising purchases since joining  December 4, 2013. YES, I get paid to advertise on the site!

The best part is that I have not had to refer a single member since joining in order to make that kind of income.  Every time I advertise, I make more profit share income there. This is all happening while I haven't had to spend a penny to refer a single member. I choose to tell people about this just to share this fantastic opportunity to grow our member base and use up the excess ad credits I have around the web. The site does the referring by itself and then shares advertising revenue with members.

The site I'm affiliated with is called You Get Profit. It is the sister site (same ownership) of the PTC site Twickerz which has a member base of over 200,000 members and has paid out over $300K so there is plenty of support and stability. YGP just started up in September 2013 but has already built a member base of 18,000+ and has paid a stunning $63,000+ in commissions. To put that in perspective, most PTCs (paid to click) pay about $1 - $2 average per member and that is usually only after a few years of being online

Because we get paid every hour, you can compound your earnings growth almost as fast as the site earns the money. The time it can take to double your income is much faster when you join our site, buy advertising and reinvest your earnings!

*Earnings disclaimer: earnings are not guaranteed and are dependent on daily sales. The above is an example of what I have earned since joining this great site!

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